writer/designer, pilgrim & raconteur

I’m a writer/designer who spent 12 years helping tech companies break through the crowd. I enjoyed the creative wins, frothy boom times and geeky camaraderie, but I began to thirst for something more. Enter the Great Books.

Homer and Plato inspired me to embark upon a grand sabbatical. I began by attempting to learn Greek on a little island in the Aegean before moving on to Turkey where I promptly forgot what little Greek I picked up.

I walked the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage across Spain, stumbled through a flamenco course, threw myself into Ashtanga yoga, taught English to children in Vietnam, trekked with men wielding AK-47s in Cambodia, struggled through three weeks of silent meditation in Thailand and studied the magnificent Chartres cathedral.

I made friends everywhere I went. Jim, a retired NYC firefighter turned bodyworker, introduced me to the best healers in Chiang Mai. Raoul, an old French woodcarver, gave me a mission: get his walking stick to Santiago. Marcus, a fresh-faced Serbian clarinetist, performed “A Little Night Music” for me on the train to Vienna when I asked him why he preferred Mozart to Beethoven.

I loved the adventure. But after nearly four years of wanderlust, I wanted to set down roots and create again. I returned to San Francisco in 2011 and began to put my talents to work for kindred spirits—people who are healing and transforming the world. The adventure continues! Won’t you join me for a spell?