SEO Basics: 8 Tips for Better Google Rankings

What can you do to rank better in search results? Enter “The DaVinci Code” of marketing: SEO a.k.a. Search Engine Optimization. There’s a big secret (Google’s algorithm), a holy grail (rankings) and even good (white hat techniques) versus evil (black … Continued

The Science of Social Media

When I talk to social entrepreneurs, I’m often asked, “What should I be doing with Twitter and Facebook?” The answer isn’t easy, because this is new territory and the map is still being drawn. We know that social media is … Continued

DIY WordPress for Small Business & Non-Profits

1. Reserve your domain name Namecheap cost: less than $10 per name, per year for most domains I’m partial to Namecheap. True to its moniker, the names are cheap, plus the dashboard is easy to use. Lots of people use … Continued

Why WordPress for Small Business & Non-Profits?

When I recommend WordPress to clients, here’s the typical reaction I get: “But I want a web site . . . with a homepage.” Because WordPress was originally developed as blogging software, lots of people still think it’s only used … Continued

Why Businesses Should Blog

I had lunch with my creative writer peeps last week and was asked why businesses blog. Someone related tales of wonder about Dooce, whose wildly successful blog waxes ironic about life as a 30-something, “liberal, ex-Mormon” mom in Utah. Her … Continued