Tell a story that will inspire people to carpe diem with you.


Mission-driven brand strategy and content

Whether you are launching a business, a new website or a new product/service, you have a great story that can move mountains. But is it clear to you and everyone else?

Do the right people feel the love when they land on your website, read your email marketing or step into your office? Does your story inspire them to act? Does it inspire your team to give their best?

Does it feel authentic and make you proud? 

Great branding and content are always simple, but rarely easy.

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“Every dollar I spend with Lauren comes back at least tenfold.”

— Jamie Shapiro, CEO of connected Ec


I am a marketing strategist and copywriter.  My sweet spot is helping "good people" (mission-driven entrepreneurs, social impact organizations and health/wellness professionals) to connect with their audiences better, so they can do more good work that's so needed now.

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