Lauren Carpenter

brand strategist and copywriter

I wear a lot of hats: brand strategist, content strategist, writer, editor, designer, online course creator, raconteur and recovering yogi. What can I say? My creativity grows like kudzu. It's all in service of helping good people to connect with their audiences better, so they can do more good work.

I’ve worked with tech startups, non-profits, Fortune 1000 companies, wellness practitioners and even an artisanal cookie company (yum!). Before freelancing, I ran marketing for a software company and was Vice President at a PR agency.

My decision to carpe diem was about being able to do good work on meaningful projects with people I can love. B Corps, TEDx Talkers, Coaching/Leadership Development firms, Wellness Providers: you are my peeps.  

Although I work with good people in a range of industries, I’ve built domain expertise in businesses that relate to human development and health, especially coaching, leadership, psychology and wellness. I eat this stuff up and enjoy applying what I’ve learned to help my clients succeed.

My business has grown organically and entirely via word-of-mouth. New clients find me either because they’ve seen my work or a happy client has talked me up.


Lauren is a rockstar storyteller and so much more. When I started my non-profit, it was Lauren who pointed me to a bigger, bolder opportunity which transformed my organization … and me. Since then, she’s become one of my most trusted advisors and my go-to creative genius. She’s that talented.

Working with Lauren is a powerfully uplifting process. She has a brilliant gift for tapping into who you are and where you are going. She then communicates it in a way that’s so clear and inspiring that you’ll want to carry her with you everywhere you go.

And if the awesome results aren’t reason enough, there’s the fact that Lauren is such a joy to work with. She’ll touch your heart with her honest to goodness Midwestern charm. She’s so authentic, warm and present.

Take my advice: carpe diem! Lauren’s schedule fills up fast. You’ll be lucky to work with her.

JoAnne Longanilla, executive director & founder of Shukuru

I can’t recommend Lauren highly enough for someone in the helping professions looking to create an Internet presence for their practice. She is so intuitive and creative, and our work together always felt driven by our shared values. She really helped me articulate how I work: both what I do and what is important to me.

In collaborating with her, I often felt like we were fellow pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago. I got more than a website from Lauren—I got a clearer vision of where I want to go next in building my practice, and a renewed appreciation for the work I do. Thanks, Lauren, you rock!

Ron Burg, Ph.D., psychologist